Providing solutions to real business challenges...

...from Training to Accountancy, Operational Improvement to Executive Management, Branding to Marketing Strategy, our philosophy is to orchestrate continual improvement within all areas of your business.

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It's what we do.

Whatever business challenges you’re facing, our diverse team have the experience and expertise to help you overcome them.  We strive to collaboratively and methodically improve operations and productivity within any business.  We believe that with company-wide buy in and employee involvement, this can be achieved.  

Our extensive range of professional services can help address many issues facing businesses today. 

Perhaps you need someone to alleviate your bookkeeping, payroll or year-end account headaches. Or perhaps, to help workout how you could improve your cashflow and profits.  Kaizen Group has accountancy at its core.  We know what the numbers represent, where there may be untapped possibilities and potentially any problems that may lie ahead.

Do you need help putting together a strategic business plan, perhaps a business forecast or a company-wide restructuring plan?  We are fluent in analysing, proposing and delivering new marketing methods, reviewing systems and processes, setting targets and KPIs and measuring results.  Why look any further!

Is your business a start-up or early-stage business?  You may have support or mentoring requirements... we've got your back.  Perhaps you're a larger company looking to expand?  We can help you raise finance and/or potentially gain some grant funding to help with a specific project... give us a call, and let’s see what we can do for you today!

Are you struggling to find that pivotal member of staff to help drive your business forward?  We can assist you with interim director services for all areas of your company.  Strategic business planning, operational improvement, restructuring together with business forecasting and planning are areas we excel in.  Search no more!

Looking for a training partner?  We deliver focussed coaching, mentoring and training courses via Workshops, Webinars, and One to One Masterclasses.  Check out the section below for an idea of the types of courses we can deliver to you and your teams!

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Kaizen did exactly what they said they were going to do and more. Something of a rarity in this day and age!
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Paul Luen
Martek Group, Coptrz, Lucava

Our Core Solutions.

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  • Management accounts
  • Cashflow & profit improvement
  • Payroll outsourcing
  • Bookkeeping services & support
  • Accounts, tax & self-assessments
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Business Support

  • Start up and early stage businesses
  • Business coaching & mentoring
  • Finance & grant funding
  • Non-executive director service
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Executive Management

  • Interim Director Services
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Operational Improvement
  • Restructuring
  • Business Forecasting & Planning
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Coaching & Training

We deliver coaching and training via Workshops, Webinars, and One to One Masterclasses, focussing on:

We deliver coaching and training via Workshops, Webinars, and One to One Masterclasses, focussing on:

  • Delivering and improving customer service
  • Increasing customer engagement 
  • Identifying cross and up-sell opportunities
  • Analysing, proposing and delivering new marketing methods
  • Project, task and time management
  • Setting targets and KPI’s
  • Upskilling staff
  • Establishing and implementing management teams
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Design & Marketing

We create solutions to help you communicate effectively with your clients or customers through thoughtful, considered Design and Marketing strategies.

  • All forms of Printed Literature (Brochures, Magazines, Posters and Mailers etc)
  • Advertising + Direct Mail
  • Signage & POS
  • Website Development
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Branding (Logo Design, Stationery etc)
I would have no hesitation recommending Kaizen to other businesses and frequently do.

Rob Partridge
Kingston Capital Finance

Why choose Kaizen?


We get to know your business

Numbers are significant and give us a clear indication of where your business is now. Still, there's far more to business development, and each area of the business has a vital part to play in arriving at whatever the numbers represent.

We learn equally as much by talking to you and key team members about your concerns, ideas and goals.

Only when we fully understand you and your business and feel that we have established the full picture, do we start to discuss what's needed in terms of business support and planning. 


We listen to you

One of the hardest things in business, especially for owner-managed SMEs, is having the sole responsibility for every decision.

We'll not only be a sounding board for your plans and ideas, but we'll also ask questions and 'stress-test' your approach.

We'll offer you a balanced perspective from the advantageous position of having got to know you and your business from the outside, and having experience of working with other companies in similar situations to yours.

Whatever you want to achieve for your business, we’ll be here to listen, learn and support you every step of the way. 


We’ve got commercial experience

It's a given that you'd expect us to be fully qualified in our relevant fields. However, when it comes to running a business, you need more than technical advice and business manual answers.

Kaizen brings a depth of experience and working knowledge that's applied and explained in such a way as to become a practical and workable plan, packed with sound commercial advice.

Our combined experience comes from working in senior positions in owner-managed businesses in the UK and further afield.


We meet your needs

No two businesses operate the same in any industry, which is why we adopt a completely open mind and bespoke approach to whatever support your business may need.

Having listened and learned about what's happening in your business, what may be blocking your progress and where you may be missing opportunities, we help you to get that sorted.

We don't apply a formula or follow a manual; we simply create a plan to get your business where you want it to be. Together, we set about implementation, one practical and logical step after another.


Your challenges become our business

We get it! We run our own business; we’ve run other businesses in the past too.

We know what it's like to be where you are now, how passionate and protective you are of what you've built, the challenges you face and the plans you have for the future.

We also know you're busy and have lots of priorities, so we bring practical and actionable advice that gets the job done and your business on the right track.


We’re approachable

We’ve worked in and with owner-managed businesses for many years.

We know how important it is to get the level, tone and flow of communication just right.

We talk fluent business, but not 'business-speak'.

We talk your language and we’re here when you need us.

Client Success Stories.

When medics called for a specialist

The client was a technically specialised and niche group of companies involved in developing innovations in medical research and diagnostics within the healthcare sector. 

The challenge

This group of six separate and individually managed businesses needed financial expertise and advanced accountancy support. Each company was highly reliant on research grants, development funding, and a mixture of private and public investment. Although UK-owned and based, the group has investment connections with China-based partners.

How we helped

We brought the combined expertise of the management teams made up of sector specialists, clinicians and scientists, as well as business directors, together with strategic and financial advice. This covered everything from negotiating complex arrangements for re-claiming R&D tax credits across the various projects within the group, to advising on a new share issue involving Chinese investment partners and shareholders. The team provided practical advice and support; managing specialised areas such as import taxation and audit certificates. They also secured vital sources of grant financing. 

Results achieved
  • Turnover increased by 400%
  • Sourced substantial grant funding and successfully claimed R&D tax relief
  • Negotiated successful international finance arrangements
In the client’s own words
Kaizen is our trusted partner. The strategic and financial advice they are providing is helping us enter new national and international markets. Darren, Phil and the team look after our group of companies providing a first-class service which is professional, practical and effective. They are sincere, transparent and have a passion for development and success.

Build a business. Sell a business. Start a new business. Repeat.

When the owner of a marine equipment manufacturer needed an interim Finance Director, Darren landed the job. Initially expected to be for just 6 months...10 years later he was Part-time CFO assisting with the sale of the business.

The challenge

The company’s list of objectives was long, ambitious, but achievable. Working closely together, the Kaizen and client team optimised business growth by building internal systems, developing a sound financial and commercial strategy and executing its plans through its key commitment to its staff development programmes.

How we helped

We designed a rigorous financial reporting system and then set about forming and supporting a team to maintain the necessary level of reporting and analysis. This solid foundation work formed the basis of the company becoming far more forward-focused and in a position to considerably increase its turnover in 8 years. 

Working alongside CEO and senior management team, we supported a 9-month programme of preparation for acquisition of the company by a global PLC. We liaised with client staff, transaction teams and auditors, helping them to close the deal on schedule.

Having successfully formed, built and sold one company, the entrepreneur turned his attention to a new venture. He naturally engaged Kaizen's help from day one to provide complete financial management and strategic business support.

Results achieved
  • Helped design and implement Company-wide ERP systems
  • Sourced substantial regional development grant funding
  • Successfully prepared claims for R&D tax relief
  • Successfully developed a progressive internal finance team
  • Helped the business for trade sale to a global PLC
In the client’s own words
Kaizen did exactly what they said they were going to do and more. Something of a rarity in this day and age!

It’s good to get out of your comfort zone

Although comfortable working in hostile territory and war zones, this construction company called for reinforcements to help tackle complex business arrangements encountered by its international subsidiaries.

The challenge

Plenty of things can go wrong on an international government contract; language barriers, foreign currency issues, local employment regulations, and overseas taxation and auditing procedures are just the start!

How we helped

Running a multi-location international business operation is bound to throw up the odd curve-ball now and again. Kaizen’s flexible approach and commitment to provide client solutions with a can-do attitude makes them an ideal partner.

Operational matters were streamlined, improving their management reporting and cashflow forecasting, as well as satisfying their various tax obligations, both in the UK and abroad. Kaizen has worked with this client for six years, during which time the company turnover has grown by well over 700%.

Results achieved
  • Company formation, purchase and trading between international locations 
  • Overseas accounting, taxation and auditing requirements satisfied
  • Full management reporting and cashflow forecasting
  • Full accounting and taxation services provided to the Group
  • Strategic review and input into future planning
In the client’s own words
Kaizen will consistently add enormous value to you personally, as well as giving invaluable insights into your business.

The right help at the right time

The business development programme, ‘For Entrepreneurs Only' referred this exciting young business to Kaizen to help them prepare for the next stage of their business journey. 

The challenge

Despite having a good idea about what it would take to ’step-up’, the business owners needed help in finding and engaging the right type and level of support to help them do it.

How we helped

We were initially engaged to deliver a business vision planning session, which developed into an increasing level of targeted support. The management team have been fully supported whilst overcoming issues as they arise and moving towards achieving their ultimate goal.

Financial information and reporting were quickly identified as needing strengthening, which led to our team designing and implementing monthly management account routines and finance systems. Quarterly planning sessions saw the business becoming more pro-active with their ideas, and in control of their future direction rather than just reacting to 'events'.

We now have a wide-ranging brief to provide guidance, support, and troubleshooting insight as well as financial management. We’ve helped to raise substantial working capital to satisfy increasing demand and to secure the investment required to service and protect essential contracts.

Results achieved

During the 5-year relationship, the business has achieved a steady and healthy 200% growth and is in a strong position to develop in a controlled, planned and strategically managed way.

  • Business development and strategy planning 'mentorship'
  • Providing complete and accurate information to decision-makers
  • Capital raising, year-end, corporation tax and management accounts
In the client’s own words
Kaizen ‘walks the walk’ and ‘talks the talk’. Very rare to see both in a company.

Our Team.

Photograph of Darren Trice Director of Kaizen Consulting

With over 30 years’ experience of running and advising owner-managed businesses, both in the UK and internationally, Darren has a successful track record of working with businesses looking to implement growth strategies, and also with underperforming companies needing to change and adapt in challenging situations.

He has worked in a number of Finance Director roles, with companies ranging from £1m to £35m annual turnover. His hallmark is to provide tailored solutions to the business’s individual needs, building capacity and competence at a pace it can cope with to build sustainable value.

Darren established Kaizen Consulting in 2009 to provide a dynamic consultancy service to SMEs, and he understands the day-to-day challenges that owner-managed SMEs businesses face.

He recognises the value of individually skilled, experienced and talented people, and has built the Kaizen team following that multi-disciplinary specialist ethos.

Phil Bean

With over 26 years' experience in ICT, Web, Design and Media, Phil is an entrepreneur with a passion for business and technology.  He originally trained as an IT and Electronics Systems Engineer before progressing into sales, marketing and management.

An experienced executive coach and trainer, he has also worked in fractional/interim directorship roles. Previous roles range from technical sales, business development and marketing, to management & director level appointments and he has worked with businesses of all sizes.

He works with business owners and shareholders to understand their needs and challenges and then, with a top-down approach, delivers coaching and training company-wide to drive real-world results e.g., Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Customer Service, and Sales Enablement to name but a few.

Phil is experienced in helping change organisational structure, behaviours and culture within businesses. He has worked in one of the largest privately-owned technology companies in the UK with a £250m turnover, 500 staff and 19 offices.  He has worked with management teams at a strategic level, coached GM’s, sales managers, sales account managers and apprentices.  He is acknowledged with creating the L&D programme that resulted in the top performing apprentice sales team in the UK for HP Inc & Intel.

Kath Milo

Kath joins the team as Senior Project Consultant after previously working in several fast-paced SME businesses.

Throughout her career she has focussed on work flow processes, leadership, knowledge sharing, process management and analytical thinking.

Whether you’re looking to improve your current systems and processes or implement a new ERP system, Kath is the person to talk to.


Kaizen offers far more than accountancy, having the expertise and experience to look after your business as a whole. Whatever support your business needs, we can help. We provide wide-ranging and tailored advice to help you solve your business problems, and to realise your business plans.
We offer different payment options, either a monthly fee or a total project fee payable once everything has been finalised. We agree on a level of business support from the start, and you'll only pay for what we've arranged and delivered. Whichever route you choose, you’ll find that we represent excellent value for money.
Yes, we do! In fact, if we can’t prove we’ve already made a difference to your business, we’ll work for free until we do. We’re very keen to show our worth to establish a trusted and productive working relationship with our clients, many of whom call on our support numerous times and over many years.
We’ll put together a plan drawing on our team’s combined experience of helping SMEs like yourselves develop and realise their business plans. Our expertise lies in assisting SMEs to identify what issues are genuinely holding them back and help to make the necessary changes to drive the business forward. 
When you work with us, you’ll get direct access to our team, and the working contacts and trusted partners we've built solid relationships with over the years. These include finance organisations and specialist funders who can build individual finance packages to match your exact needs. We’re always up to date with business grants and Government funding available.
It’s straightforward to switch accountants with a standard procedure that all professional practices follow. Having said that, you should think carefully about changing your accountant. If you don't feel that you're currently getting the level or range of service your business needs, switching to our services is routine. We'll make all the necessary arrangements for you.

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