Do you know which grants you’re entitled to?

We’re not talking about Covid grants here. If you’re a local SME there are grants you may qualify for, and for those further afield there will be local grants you can tap into for your business.

Phil Ward, our Grants Specialist, has been working with local companies over the last 14 years to access grants to contribute towards business growth.

Lots of businesses miss out on a number of grants they’re entitled to purely because they don’t know they’re available or have been knocked back for a grant before, so don’t think they’ll qualify again.

Phil helps companies apply for these grants, so will do all the leg work for you.

Here are some of the available grants.

Finance for Growth Grant

Minimum - Maximum grant £1k - £5k up to 40% of project cost

Examples of successful applications:

•                    Use to pay Finance Director service

•                    Raising finance

•                    Business planning and business coaching/mentoring

•                    Company restructure

•                    Investigate finance systems and processes e.g.,Xero, QuickBooks etc.

•                    Paying your accountant to do financial analysis, modelling and management accounts

•                    Pays for any consultancy around finance


GHEY (Grow Hull & East Yorkshire) Grant

Grants £5k -£250k up to 30% of project cost

For major projects, capital expenditure e.g., buying new machinery/equipment, refurbishing or extending premises

Examples of successful applications:

•             £50k towards a new recycling line

•             £150k for factory relocation and refurbishment

•             £81k for a new food production line

•             £41k factory extension

•             £23k new machinery

•             £18k MRP system


Manufacturing Growth Programme Grant

Maximum grant £8k, split over 2 x £4k grants, up to 43% of project cost

For SME manufacturers and engineers

Can be used for consultancy in most fields: Finance, Lean, marketing, IT, health and safety, environmental, supply chain management, accreditation

Examples of successful applications:

•             Preparation of business plans

•             Preparation of financial forecasts

•             LEAN & Six Sigma consultancy

•             Marketing consultancy

•             HR consultancy

•             Accreditation


Spark Fund

 1.            Innovation Grant

Maximum grant of £20k, up to 50% of project cost

Business innovation means different things for different businesses and your project doesn’t have to change the world, it just has to change your business and help you to move forward. This could be an innovation in process, service or product.

Examples of successful applications:

•                    Installation of an MRP system incl. hardware & software

•                    Software development

•                    Management Information System development

•                    App development

•                    Machinery purchase


2.            R&D Grant

Maximum grant of £50k, up to 50% of project cost

For companies wanting to do something new and research into their next product breakthrough.

Examples of successful applications:

•                    Product/service development

•                    Prototype development/testing

•                    Machinery purchase


3.            Low Carbon R&D Grant

Maximum grant of £50k, up to 50% of project cost

This grant is to support businesses implementing a business change which lowers the carbon footprint for you, your customers or market through a product or process.

This grant could help you explore ways to:

•             Use less raw materials

•             Use fewer components

•             Use less packaging

•             Make your product smaller or lighter


Supply Chain Network Grant

Maximum grant £5k up to 50% of project cost

Helping local businesses connect with larger companies, develop their supply chains and enter new markets.

Grant can be used for strategy & business planning, IT, marketing, equipment, accreditation

Examples of successful applications:

•             Purchase of Apple Macs and design software

•             ISO accreditation

•             Supply Chain development

•             Business and financial planning development

•             Marketing


PAPI (Products & Process Innovation) Grant

York, North Yorkshire and East Riding (not including Hull)

Maximum capital grant £20k up to 40% of project cost

To support the development of new products or services by purchasing equipment which enables innovation.

Companies must be engaged in following sectors: Bioscience, digital & creative media, electronics, food & drink, health & social care, manufacturing using biological & chemical materials.


 Start-up ICT Grant

Maximum grant £1k up to 50% of project cost for new businesses under 12 months old

•             PC/Lap top/printer

•             Digital marketing

•             Software including accountancy

•             Website and hosting

•             Internet connectivity


Contact Phil Ward to see how he can help you find additional funding for your business projects.


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